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At New Normal Realty, we are the Reality of Realty™.  It is our goal to lay it on the line and tell it like it is.  We call it straight talk.

The days of  guaranteed real estate profits don’t have to be over. We can teach anyone who wants to learn. It’s a new normal out there and whether your buying or selling;  the old way of doing business is gone forever.

In some ways, we are like Chicago Pizza.  You see, Chicago did not invent pizza, but they got it right.  We did not invent real estate data research, but we too got it right!  Our mission has always been to bring greater transparency and One-of-a-Kind products  to the Real Estate Industry.

New Normal Realty may be the only realty company in the nation that has documentation on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that forecasted the housing downturn.   


It’s a new normal out there...

M.D. Report

                       Location ...Location ...Location

                       went out with the  Rotary Phone!

FLiP®   Financing...Location...Price

The New Normal real estate market of today requires additional components.  No longer can we depend on out-dated slogans hoping to get results.                                                                     


MASON-DIXON Price Line© is a complete market algorithm designed to demonstrate if home prices are going UP or DOWN or as we prefer to say, North or South.                                 more

RECAP© is our proprietary  dashboard that reflects the probability of selling your home using economic data rather than SWAG’s or slogans.

Using our “traffic lights” gives  a quick visual snapshot of the economic conditions when buying or selling a home.                                more  

The M.D. Report© helps buyers by asking a series of intuitive questions, thus, buyers can be more informed and make better decisions about their home purchase.                                




Confucius once said...


“I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand”.

New Normal Realty has taken more classes than we care to admit. Many of them, we have forgotten.

The good ones however painted pictures in our mind, making us see... We remember those classes.

All of our stories and examples are expressed in such a way that will allow you to see.  You then when presented, will have the opportunity  to go out and do it, so that you will understand.

Although our products and chapter titles may seem a bit candid or elementary, we can assure you that we take Real Estate very seriously.  Ray Kroc (founder of McDonalds)  once told me “If its green, its growing.” New Normal Realty may look green is some areas, but we have it from a good source that we are growing.

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Updating content, be back soon!
Updating content, be back soon!

I’m a consumer with a Real Estate License.

Additionally,  I am a one-man shop and thrive on researching data for a select group of investors in the Real Estate Industry. Consequently, this research led to many unique programs that help sort out the complex world of real estate thereby benefiting the buyer.

Incidentally, New Normal Realty is better equipped at Algorithm design and Excel spreadsheet dashboards than web site building.  All of our data is relevant and ideally provides value.

New Normal Realty has also created practical concepts that no one else in the industry has offered.

Coming Soon:  Online animated video classes which will teach the easy to remember ideas and concepts.

Look for the FLiP coin

Products, Chapter Titles and Storyboard Projects


Reverse Rental Check is our newest  free consumer idea. We believe that renters have a right to know if  the home they are about to lease is in financial trouble.


When the economic downturn started to surface, everyone had a name for its recovery. Do you remember “green shoots”? Then there was the V-Shaped Recovery and the U-Shaped Recovery both of which never happened.

Reverse Rental Check-- Renters Protect Yourself

We offer a traffic light system free of charge that gives a visual overview of the economic situation when buying or selling a house. RECAP© TRAFFIC LIGHTS




Winchester S.S.R. Reverse Rental Check-- Renters Protect Yourself RECAP
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About Us// A Paradigm Shift

In the last  few years, the U.S. Real Estate Market witnessed a major paradigm shift.  Business enterprises have seen the change. The smart ones have embraced it, yet others continue to ignore it.  At New Normal Realty, we gladly accept this challenge! We have been part of progress and change for over 40 years. While we do hold on to traditional values we also realize that change can bring out the best in all of us.                                                                                   more          


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5 years ago, when we met Glen, all the other experts were shouting “Buy Now, Buy Now!”   We waited and listened to his ideas and it saved us from being underwater on our first house.

We were going to buy this month.  If we had,  we would have been what Glen calls “Barnum Babies”.  He doesn't drink or serve the typical real estate Kool-Aid.

I wish that I met Glen before we bought our house.  It is easy to remember what he teaches; simple concepts that can save you thousands of dollars. His “Off the Lot” concept shows the true cost of ownership.

I have been selling real estate for over 10 years.  Glen’s method seem unorthodox at first and then ....A Light Goes On!  

LG.,  TX

Brian M.,   TX

Stewart V.,  TX

Carter II.,  TX

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